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Develop Technology Skills of Professors

Professors who can't teach new teachers flunk in Massachusettes

If you are interested in the accreditation of K-12, College Prep, Vocational or other secondary or pre-secondary institutions, visit the Web site of the Commission on Schools, or call them at 1 800 525-9517.

"Teacher Preparation StaR Chart"
A tool to encourage colleges to think more about developing the technology skills of their professors. As a self-assessment chart, the tool examines the various facets of teacher-preparation programs--from campus-wide strategic planning and faculty development to coursework integrating technology to enhance learning--that could result in the successful use of technology in classrooms. The chart then breaks down each facet by four levels of capability--"early tech," "developing tech," "advanced tech," and "target tech" programs. For example, a "target tech" program for faculty development would feature formal and informal training and mentoring for college faculty members. Such a program would make use of technology in education, and offer "incentives for application in teaching and in research."

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that a new distance-education company has approached a number of elite liberal-arts colleges and Ivy League universities to propose an arrangement in which the company would put selected courses online and pay the institutions $250,000 per course. At least three institutions -- Amherst and Williams Colleges and Brown University -- are seriously considering the offer, and some faculty members worry that the arrangements could significantly change the nature of faculty-student interaction at the institutions.

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