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Publishing Students Pictures on the Web Release Form

Acceptable Use Policy that requires a parent signature before any photos of students or their work can be published on the web.

Legal Issues: Permission
As with all photographs, permission to use images is crucial. The following examples are provided as illustrations to the concept of permission. District school board policies, acceptable use policies, or other forms in place should be the first line of direction for the educator collecting and using photographic images. These examples of forms are provided as an orientation to the spectrum of permission forms that can serve as potential models for content.

Photo Release Forms

Letter and Permission Slip

Dear Parents,

[Insert name of school here] is on the Internet at:

http://www.YOUR SCHOOL

We have a home page on the World Wide Web. The purpose of this home page is to inform people about our school and to share work created by students and staff.

Your child's teacher is considering putting student photos, writing or art work on our schol home page. Because this document can be seen by people all over the world, there is a separate permission form. For security reasons, only first names willbe used. Please sign and return the slip below.

If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher of [Inset name] at [Insert school].

Thank you.

Signed by Principal and teacher and or librarian.

ICSD Internet Web Page Permission Slip

I give my permission for my child's:

photo ____

writing ____

art work ____

to be included on the home page for [Name of school inserted here]. I understand that this document is located on the World Wide Web (WWW) and can be seen throughout the world by people with access to the WWW through the Internet. For security reasons, only my child's first name will be used.

Student name ________________________________

Teacher ________________________

Parent Signature _____________________________

Date ______________________________________

21 April 2006


I hereby give permission to:

1. Publish my child's projects on the Internet.

Yes No

2. Publish my child's picture on the Internet.

Yes No

3. Publish my child's first name and last initial with the picture or
project on the Internet.

Yes No

4. Allow a District staff member to show my child's web-based projects at conferences, workshops and other educational functions.

Yes No

Name ______________________________________

Student ____________________________________

Grade _____________________________________

Teacher ___________________________________