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Portals that Provide a Kick Back To Schools,


and some others -- that are essentially shopping portals that provide a kick-back to schools.


  • How do you know what you are owed?
  • How can you track what is happening so you're not ripped off?
  • How will your school ever know if the purchases by people who selected donations be made to your school are actually given to your school?
  • What can this business give you that guarantees it?

Warning -
There is NO guarantee that you get the kick-back you may be due.

If a company contacts you or if you contact them


1) Them to provide you a list of all the individuals from your district who made a purchase with them. See what they say. They should tell you that this is confidential information and won't - that is ok they should say that.

2) Ask the buyer to give you a receipt that will privide the district with what you should receive. If they tell you that it is too difficult to control this isn't good.
You need to have some kind of accounting for the purchases that are made.

3) Are some of your teachers and even parents have signed the district up and you don't know about it? A school could be signed up and picked to get the rebate BUT that is only true IF this company actually has a contract with the school.