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Technology Empowerment Network

The Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet)
A wonderful and robust organization laboring to ensure universal access to informatic tools and processes across their national networking efforts.The founder of the original Playing to Win, is Antonia (Toni) Stone. Toni later founded the Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet).

We are a network of more than 300 community technology centers where people get access to computers and computer-related technology, such as the Internet. The 300+ sites are enormously diverse in program areas and participating populations. Some are stand alone centers; others operate as one part of a larger organization, such as a multiservice agency or museum, job training center, shelter, cable public access center, etc. (see some centers' web sites and related links). All support equitable access to computers. What impact do these centers have on participants?

Phil Shapiro
Phil is a great guy; among his other projects is the One World Media Center. His home page
Issue: EdTech/Digital Divide
Phil Shapiro, an instructional technology coordinator for the Arlington County (VA) Schools, is making a personal effort to narrow the digital divide by refurbishing donated computers and giving them to low-income students. Shapiro believes that old, outdated, computers are better than no computers at all, because these computers still allow students to become familiar with keyboards, software and problem-solving. Arlington County Schools requires third-grade students to learn how to type. In donating refurbished computers Shapiro hopes to help the young students, who otherwise wouldn't have access to a computer at home, feel more comfortable as they're being introduced to basic computer skills in the classroom. Shapiro hopes that the computers he refurbishes will help prevent low-income children from falling behind their more affluent peers. (Personal site) (work site)

National Institute on the Education of At-Risk Students
The At-Risk Institute, A new national institute devoted to improving education for at- risk students has just unveiled its home page on the Web. Dozens of studies, four national research centers, & experts on at-risk issues are featured in this new area created by the At-Risk Institute.

Economic Policy Institute
State of Working America 2000-01 online
Lawrence Mishel Vice President
Areas of expertise Income distribution and poverty . Labor markets . Industrial relations . Technology and productivity . Education . Wages . Unions and collective bargaining

Sound Partners for Community Health seeks to increase public awareness of specific health issues and facilitate citizens' involvement in making decisions affecting health care by fostering partnerships between public broadcasters, community organizations and additional media entities. By utilizing a variety of programming and community engagement techniques, the alliances supported by Sound Partners helps equip individuals to participate in community problem-solving around local health issues. Sound Partners is a program of the Benton Foundation and funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Read About CLC
CLC charter school (#77) web site, was formed to specifically address the at risk. In Kern County, California, you can find many bright and talented kids. They are also 'at risk.' Some of them live in shelters, or homes that are violent, and many drop out of school. CLC music director Cameron Weckerly and the music technology department help keep these students interested and coming back. In order to accommodate students , the operating format at CLC is a combination of technology based distance learning and small group instruction. Connie Sack and Ray Yocum , administrators at CLC, felt that a music tech program would jump-start their students' interest and it has. Weckerly, who holds an M.A. in Composition, has seen students with little or no musical training compose pieces in a very short time.

Cisco Systems fights poverty