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RETA - Reading Excellence Through the Arts

A special interest group of the
International Reading Association

Dr. Sue Snyder, co-chair

A Special Interest Group of the International Reading Association


  • Development of programs that support literacy in, about and through the arts.
  • Sharing information on theory, research and practice demonstrating effective links between the literacy and the arts.
  • Development of materials which support research based, developmentally appropriate arts/literacy practices
  • Supporting and honoring teachers, schools, districts, and arts based organizations that promote literacy in, about and through the arts.
  • Development of a network of educators commited to excellence through linking literacy and the arts.

"The arts humanize the curriculum while affirming the interconnectedness of all forms of knowing. They are a powerful means to improve general education." -- Charles Fowler


  • A biannual newsletter. Contents include informatin about research, programs, products and issues related to our mission and membership.
  • Representation of the arts at the international conference, and whenever possible, regional conferences.
  • Representation in IRA publications through articles, news spots and advertisements.
  • Collaboration on workshops, seminars, institutes and courses linking the arts and literacy.
  • Awards and recognition to teachers, administrators, programs and organizations that provide examplary models of arts infused literacy programs.
  • Materials to support RETA goals and objectives.

How can you get in touch?

Dr. Sue Snyder, co-chair SueS@aolcom
5 Lancaster Drive
W. Norwalk, CT 06850

Peg McCaughey, co-chair
P.O. Box 350057
Jacksonville, FL 32235-0057

Janice Lake Betts, Chair
217 Marshallville Rd.
Woodbine, NJ 08270
Fax 609-628-2702

Excellence Through the Arts Student Outcomes Chart
Arts, Media and Entertainment
and the benefits of arts education research.