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Not 1 dime from any tax payer.

Not 1 dime from a federal or state grant.

Not 1 dime from a university.




Teachers who are idiots


Teachers sell their services for profit or they wouldn't earn a living.

They collect money for their services. They sign contracts. The public citizenry is their revenue stream. They work for hire. They do not provide services for free. They SELL their services for their personal gain.

Education is a business.

It looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

The business of education has an infrastructure in place to collect money from the federal, state, and local government, who has collected the money from the citizens of the US to pay the bills. That is their revenue stream.
The public pays for lawyers, CIO, CTO, Board of Advisors, Business Managers, supplies, software, hardware, phones, administrators, staff, and school personnel, etc.
It conducts business with vendors who sell services and products. It hires and fires.
It handles money every day. It has a budget. It can go broke. It competes for customers with other education businesses that want those customers, aka Supply Chain.

I am the public.
All public school children are schooled with my tax money.
All public education services and products are bought with my taxes.


BIG CLUE: Work for Hire

In the business of education money follows the customer. The customer can buy their education anywhere they want. The tax payer is the customer.

Schools should serve the public interest, the common interest and the common wealth.

Education has a customer. It is the public. I am the public.

Teachers are responsible for teaching about security. Their jobs in educational technology would be to teach administrators about security.  SEE E-RATE FIASO

Find FREE information about How to integrate technology from the Educational CyberPlayGround

School districts have customers called students and the money will follow the customer and go to the virtual school or charter school. The Tax payers money will follow the child. Education gets out sourced. When School Districts can't deliver an education they will loose the customer and the revenue stream. They go out of business.

Tech teachers and administrators

Tutorial for beginners for a real beginner. Everyone still is or was a beginner and new to the net and technology.

I am part of the movement that helps to integrate online curriculum into the classroom. Admins need sources for multicultural content that reach the needs of their population and it is on the CyberPlayGround.

I am pioneering a way to integrate interdisciplinary educational curriculum that will reach standards based benchmarks using the multiple intelligences through literacy, music, and technology. I've produced a video about the National Children's Folksong Repository project.

All this produced for free, by a simple teacher. Thought leaders are what K-12 needs, backward thinking ignorant liars aren't. Anyone that discourages Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents from sourcing excellent sites with excellent information that helps to integrate technology into the classrooms need to retire or get fired.

Outstanding teachers and education vendors on the K-12 list who volunteer their time and effort serving the work on the Educational Cyberplayground.

The real measure of demand for the Educational CyberPlayGround isn't how many people line up to eat the free lunch you've made but how many volunteer to help you prepare it.

RINGLEADERS on the Educational CyberPlayGround

E-RATE FIASCO brought to you buy the K-12 Admins and Ed Techs that are incompetent.
Just because there are "no state requirements for administrators related to educational technology / standards for school administrators in educational technology" does not excuse them from their duty to know what they need to know, they can't just take everything a contractor recommends, unless they are an idiot or on the take.

It is someone's JOB to buy technology and write the proposal for the e-rate money. It is their JOB to understand what they are buying. It is their JOB to know what they are doing.

It doesn't matter what the state mandates. It is their JOB to run their business in a manner that shows that they are competent. Fools have no excuse.

Schools are in business.

Running the school system is a business and admins and ed tech's are the ones hired because they SUPPOSED to have the skills to do this. Admins and ed tech's who do not have the skills are guilty of neglect, and they should be fired.

Business (contractors) come through the school door and sell their product and services EVERY DAY. Incompetent & ignorant ed tech's and admins are in the business of evaluating and buying product and services every day.