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Kindergarten Music

Simple Beat

I always start my beat instruction with a movement activity that really gets their blood something with jumping, or running. Then, I have them freeze and feel their chest (heart beat). I ask them how it feels, and if they can show me their heart beat by clapping, or tapping their foot, or nodding their head, whatever. I do it several times so they really get the feeling of a steady beat. Then, I ask them to match my "heartbeat" on my drum in different ways -- they come up with ways to move to it, we copy different people's ways, they do it with a partner, etc. I take several class times to practice this. We also use rhythm sticks or instruments to play the beat, just with my drum beat.

Until they can match your beat in this way, without any background music or anything to distract them, they're not going to be able to do it in a musical context. Then, my next step is finding the beat to a nursery rhyme (like Humpty Dumpty), using different types of body percussion, rhythm sticks, etc. Also Hickory Dickory Dock is great, because you can have them create a movement for the "tick tock" beat of the clock, and do that movement while you say the rhyme. A clock ticking is very clear to them -- it doesn't get faster or slower, always stays the same. Also try simple (just clap own hands, then partner's hands) clapping singing games with a partner. it takes some practice, but a strong partner can always help a weaker partner.


Songs/Poems about shapes

Sing To "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (slightly modified):

I'm Mama Circle, round as a pie; (arms rounded, fingers touching)

I'm Papa Triangle, 3 sides have I. (index fingers touching at an angle)

I'm Baby Square, my sides are four (outline a square)

I'm Uncle Rectangle, shaped like a door. (point to door)

This can also be acted out and/or using different voices.

Kinders like this. We also choose non-pitched instruments for each part.


How To Tune Your Ukulele

My first instrument was a baratone ukulele.

This song is the tuning of your soprano ukulele. And it's pretty funny but the word ukulele means fleas in hawaiian pidgin creole because they thought the way the fingers popped all over the strings reminded them of the little critters.


Playing Chords

TUNING and Playging Chords  
click on soprano C on the right side of this page. Right above Click on the notes on the pitch pipe and the guide will teach you how to tune your ukulele.
If you learn to play C, D, G and F chords, you will be able to play 100,000,000 songs.
The soprano ukulele on the webpage will automatically show you how to play a C chord. You should see that you only need to use one finger to press one string on your uke. First finger on the First Fret. Use your ring finger (3rd finger 3rd fret) and strum. For a G chord, select G from the top row of green buttons. Only choose it once. Pressing it repeatedly gives alternate fingerings, which are more difficult. After that, you can learn to play F.

The Wheels on the Bus

The (C) wheels on the bus go round and round

(G)Round and round

(C)Round and round

The (C) wheels on the bus go round and round

(G)All through the (C)town

Happy and You Know It

If you're (C) happy and you know it clap your (G)hands

If you're (G) happy and you know it clap your (C)hands

If you're (F) happy and you know it

Then your (C) face will surely show it

If you're (G) happy and you know it clap your (C)hands

She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain

She'll be (C) comin' round the mountain when she comes

She'll be (C)comin' round the mountain when she (G) comes

She'll be (C)comin' round the mountain

She'll be (F)comin' round the mountain

She'll be (G)comin' round the mountain when she (C) comes

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