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Network Newsletters has been provided to the Internet since May, 1994, and is an off-shoot of the NetHappenings mailing list. The goal of Network Newsletters is to combine in one place the best of the Internet's regularly published e-zines, allowing users to read or browse all or none of them from the same mailing list or Website. Users who want to keep current on various aspects of Internet development and technology can choose to subscribe to the mailing list, which sends two or more newsletters together in digest format.



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Postings for Net-happenings and all the other list are primarily for the K-12 Education community, and generally pertain to:

  • Network risks
  • Network virus reports
  • IT Bulletins
  • Security Reports
  • K12 websites
  • K12 software
  • General info newsletters
  • K12 projects
  • K12 technology info

Postings are made from 8am - 3pm Central Time, T & TH

Do not include submissions for:

  • Self-improvement,
  • Making money,
  • Business opportunities
  • Do not include HTML coding!
  • Do not include signatures

If you do, the submission will be rejected!! Also, postings are limited to 1K in size. Anything over this will be rejected.

Please DO NOT:
* subscribe vanity mail forwards to this list
* subscribe from 'free' mail addresses (ie: juno, hotmail)
* enable vacation messages while subscribed to mail lists
* subscribe from any account with a small quota
All of these generate messages to the list owner and make tracking down dead accounts very difficult. Any of the above are grounds for being unsubscribed. You are welcome to resubscribe when you address the issue(s). This is not a whim! Other moderators have begun to do the same.

No postings are made over the weekend. Filters are in place from 3pm Eastern Time Friday to 8am Eastern Time Monday, in order to prevent a large backlog of postings.


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