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NEW THIS WEEK for November 9, 2004

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Written by Classroom Teacher Alan Haskvitz
1997 National Teacher's Hall of Fame Inductee
1999 All USA Today First TeamTeacher
1994 National Middle Level Teacher of the Year (NCSS)

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Messages to Soldiers in Iraq.

Here is an opportunity to help out by simply having your students put
together small cards and paper roses to be sent to the soldiers in Iraq. I
great service, costs the school nothing but postage, and gives students an
opportunity to express themselves as well as doing community service. Put
together by my friend and fellow National Hall of Fame Teacher and cancer
survivor Dr. Larry Baran. For more details write

Armed Forces Schools Looking to Paperless Learning
Joe Tafoya, the Department of Defense Education Activity director, sees
paperless classrooms as the future. Students will use their own terminals, a
library of CD/DVDs and high speed Internet access to promote learning, he
ventured. ed. note As a classroom teacher, I have noted that middle school
students frequently do not know how to look up a person in an encyclopedia
because they use the individual's first name only. The Internet has made
alphabetical order nearly meaningless. If the Department of the Defense has
this system in place I wonder what the results might be?

Global Webcast Discussing International Education and Technology
This is an opportunity to take part in an interactive talk with one of the
Undersecretaries at the Department of Education and iEARN coordinators from Africa and Asia about project-based learning and online collaboration. It is scheduled for November 19. Log on to and click on webcast.

Children don't exercise enough at preschool
By Nanci Hellmich of USA TODAY writes that children aren't even exercising two hours a day and this may be the cause of a heavy (you read that correctly) increase in overweight children. The report she quotes indicates that 10% of children ages 2 to 5 are overweight; another 12% are at risk of becoming so. More than half of 3- to 5-year-olds go to preschool. One very interesting insight was that even at this young age the focus of is on cognitive skills such as preliteracy, premath skills without as much consideration given to social, emotional and physical development, according to the Gerber sponsored study.


These two sites deal with interesting trials in history. Makes you wonder if one isn't based on the other site. I like the law buzz one best.

You Gotta See This
This site gives you the graduation rates of colleges plus the costs and percentage of transfer students. A great source of information. For example, the University of Southern California, a private school in Los Angeles, costs $40,182 per year, and a four-year graduation rate of 56.8%. Its rival, UCLA costs $19,824 per year, has 46.9% four-year graduation rate, but nearly a 85 percent six year graduation rate. Which means that you can take an extra two years at UCLA to graduate and still save a bundle.

Online Education: "DIPLOMA MILLS"
The Automation of Higher Education a history of how college tuition became so expensive and the the reach of the military-academic complex. "Tuition began to outpace inflation in the early 1980's, at precisely the moment when changes in the patent system enabled the universities to become major vendors of patent licenses."

Free Downloadable PowerPoint Presentations for Most Subjects
This is a slow site to download due to the heavy bandwidth requirements of the presentations, but they are worth a look. This site can save you a lot of time.

An all in one kid's Internet search page
Includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, search engines, and library links.
Helpful for the young.

Country Specific Search Engines
Learn to protect yourself and help free the world from CENSORSHIP.
Search Country

An Absolute First Rate Union History Sites
This site has the main points in union history by years and in easy to use form. Handouts and simple questions, too. For high school or gifted middle schoolers, a side of history too often forgotten in today's textbooks, this site has some startling data that should make for great learning opportunities.

How Does the US Compare to Other Countries on Defense Spending?
This site has a nice table and other data that might open a few eyes. In a nutshell, the US is responsible for about 50 percent of the world's miltary spending.
Global Issues

Now compare military spending in the world with spending on education by country (top 100)
If you are in a hurry, the US is listed as number 47,about the middle level. Would make a nice essay topic to compare defense and education spending.

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
Easy to learn and real timesavers. For example, if you need to get into Windows desktop in a hurry hold down the Windows key and press D. Also, Windows-E zips you to My Computer.,aid,116190,00.asp

Application Tutorials - How do I ?

Read about the Advantages of DIGITAL Online Curriculum:
Cul De Sac Online Curriculum
"WEBUCATION" Online learners can have a multisensory experience, by combining audio, video, text, and graphics and where they can control the information they want, when they want it all through Hypertext. Information that is presented using the four learning styles. (VARK) Visual, Aural, Kinesthetic, along with and Reading/Writing is more effective. Read what
Children say about their teachers and schools.

Interested in the newest cars, including the best vans?
Check out my reviews of the 2005 cars.

Grant listings

Grants and Scholarships

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