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Written by Classroom Teacher Alan Haskvitz
1997 National Teacher's Hall of Fame
All USA Today First Team Teacher
Reader's Digest Hero in Education
Cherry International Award for Outstanding Teachers
1994 National Middle Level Teacher of the Year (NCSS)

Edited by Karen Ellis Founder of ECP



Utah stands against teacher quality and accountability forced on it by NCLB.

Bush to change NCLB: Only the successful impacted

World school voucher results: More dramatic increase between rich and poor
A review of the research with Chile as an example.

Spyware - Don't use or download Ask Jeeves
Who in their right mind would agree to have their computer become a vehicle for pop-up ads? It turns out that many of these programs target kids. They advertise their software at kids sites. They bundle it with videogames. They use advertisement images like smiley faces.


This site contains demographic, class size, and test score data on all public schools.

What the war in Iraq is costing education
Changes by the second.

Join the fight against high stakes testing

Click Fraud
The technical issues and the business implications.
In the brave new world of pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising, where click thieves can indulge in virtual shoplifting in the privacy of their homes and offices, the relative situation could be a lot worse. After all, all it takes to steal is point and click.

Best Resources on Self Publishing
$18 million settlement in a class action suit they and 21 freelance writers. The American Society of Journalists and Authors, the Authors Guild, and the National Writers Union announced the filing of a motion for court approval of an $18 million settlement in a class action suit they and 21 freelance writers filed on behalf of thousands of freelance writers whose stories appeared in online databases without their consent. They expect preliminary court approval of the settlement within the next month.


Our latest car view: Acura TL

Worst analogies ever written in a high school essay

Sex Offender Registry Board

Museums and the Web 2005 Best of the Web Awards

Cleaning Your Computer Screen

Free Web server log analysis software


Which part of the United States has the most educated people without looking at election results?
Among the four census regions (Northeast, Midwest, South, and West) in 2003, the proportion of people who had completed high school ranged from 88 percent in the Midwest to 82 percent in the South. The percentage with some college was highest in the West (58 percent), while the populations in the Northeast and the West had the highest proportions with a bachelor's degree (30 percent and 29 percent, respectively).

According to some sources, the Caribbean is home to nearly 400,000
Muslims. Mostly East Indian in origin, they live on at least a dozen
Caribbean islands, including Trinidad, Suriname, Guyana, Barbados,
Grenada, Dominica, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Jamaica.
Trinidad's first Muslims were not East Indians, but black slaves from
the Mandingo tribe of West Africa, many of whose members embraced Islam in the 1740's. Of Suriname's 400,000 inhabitants, 25 percent are
Muslims and in Guyana nearly 15 percent of the estimated 800,000
inhabitants are said to be of Muslim faith.

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