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Educational Summer Technology Program and Camps

Lycos version of its search engine called SafetyNet, automatically filters out pornographic and hate-filled sites. It is not a filter program like Surfwatch and other installed programs so kids can always just use a different search engine to find off-limit sites.

DIG, Disney's Internet Guide. leads kids to Web sites and activities specifically tailored to their interests.

Other kids' search engines include and

Kids can explore the universe at NASA's

ALA Kids sites

National Air and Space Museum for a Star Wars tour narrated by James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader.

Can't get the kids to the great outdoors? Send them to, where they can take a geological tour of the national parks. to find Mr.Rogers, the Sesame Street gang and even the Teletubbies.

''Think of them as online camps,'' says Kathryn Montgomery, president of the Center for Media Education.