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Fun - All the Pretty Lights - Visualization and Modeling

Try to check out

This is an example of visualization and modeling that shows earth views at night of the world.

Look for your own city and zoom in or out. If you live in a big city.Click on the globes to see the various projects of EOS

In the News:

Swirls of Color in the Bering Sea

Hyperspectral Imaging

Salt Evaporation Ponds, Dead Sea

Santorini Volcano, Greece

Seal Pups Trapped in the White Sea

Fingerprints in the Dust

Haze over the North Atlantic

Fires and Deforestation near the Xingu River

* Headlines from the press, radio, and television:
- Global Warming Helps Arctic Animals
- Biodiversity Is a Buffer Against Climate Change
- Tall Mountains and Rolling Seas Affect Global Weather
- Penguin Decline Linked to Climate Change
- Global Warming Triggers Public Health Warning
- Dust Particles Have Global Impact

* New Research Highlights