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COLUMBUS DAY In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue.


Maurice Abravanel was a descendant of Don Isaac Abravanel, born in 1438, who, as finance minister to Queen Esabella of Spain, arranged funding for the first voyage of Christopher Columbus.




Columbus Day So-Mi

Hi all. I've been asked to share this. It is not original, and the author's name is lost at the moment. I used it with K-2.

Get your coat and hat, There's no time for chat. ti - ti ti - ti ta -x ti - ti ti - ti ta - x (x=rest or clap) or (ti-ta clap) s s m m s s s m m s

Take a trip on a sailing ship, The world cannot be flat! ti - ti ti- tiri ti-ti ti - ti ti - ti ti-ti ta - x s s m mm s s m m s s m m s

Who's on the Nina? (Echo:) I'm on the Nina. ta ti-ti ta ta ta ti-ti ta ta s mm s m s m m s m

Ditto for "Pinta"

Who stowed away on the Santa Maria (Echo:) etc ta ti - ti ta ti-ti ta ti-ti ta ta s m m s m m s m m s m

First I did the Q and the class did the Answer, then I pointed to individual children to give the A, so they had to be ready. Then 3 children stood behind the class on 3 "ships" (I let them pick which one they wanted) and the class had to guess who was who. Lot of fun, and easy to assess bec. they were in groups of 3.

Happy holiday. Sheila in NY

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