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How To Use Chants To Teach Reading

Learn How to Use Playground chants and songs to teach reading.

Remember calling this "Language Arts" as in . . . this is grounded in the arts.

Children enjoy sharing their chants.

Once students have heard, read, and performed rhythmic selections, it¹s time for them to write them down, afterall the songs belong to children, celebrate the unknown culture maker, what they invent is more important than what the adults know. Ask each child to write down their chants/songs and produce a their own book, which can be bound and laminated. Send the book home with each student in turn then add the book to the school library collection.

Tips for Teachers How to Incorporate Music into Teaching and Lesson Plans

Learn why using music will automatically teach anyone and everyone all the language skills they will ever need to know. It is so easy and obvious. A Ph.D. has never been needed or has ever improved on this method.

Music is Language - Language is Music
It is recommended that you establish the connection and importance between rhythm and literacy.Start thinking about music and rhythm research, the importance of rhythm syllables and how tricky this is for all the tonal language speakers in the world who want to learn english.

Nothing imprints linguistic patterns better than words wedded to memorable music students will retain grammatical structures and vocabulary for the rest of their lives. Music, being indigenous to its geographical place of creation, as well as to the cultural and social environment in which it arises, naturally transmits and reflects the culture in which it is created. Activities can be done in cooperative learning groups, thus promoting classroom cohesion. Short, simple activities offer new ways to capture children's attention with fingerplays, chants, songs, and games. All of the activities reflect current brain research and reinforce early literacy. Afterall, POETRY, BALLADS, SONG AND PRINTERS WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR SPREADING LITERACY.

National Children's Folksong Repository gives you playground chants and songs you can use to teach reading.