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FREEMAIL - Free Email
where you can get a Free email account

The Term freemail describes e-mail accounts that are free to users.

You probably receive e-mail through your service provider already, but freemail services offer additional address at no charge.


To Give to Strangers.
Give out freemail address without worrying about your primary mailbox being besieged by unsavory characters.

So You Can Keep Your Address, Even if you Move To Another Provider.
If you choose to leave or join a service such as AOL, you don't have to hassle with updating your friends or family on the change of address.

So You Can Receive your E-Mail Anywhere In The World, At No Cost.
Note: A few freemail services do limit their range to North America.)

You Have E-Mail Only Through Your Company
Didn't you know? Your e-mail isn't private if you send it through your company's e-mail services.

You Don't Own A Computer.
You can receive freemail from any computer in the world -- at the public library, at an Internet cafe, or at school !!!!!!


HOTMAIL ( ) E-Mail can be as easy as opening a Web page. Hotmail allows subscribers to pick up e-mail from any Web browser (so you'll need access to the Net).


JUNO ( If you want only e-mail (without subscribing to an ISP), Juno is the way to go. Order the installation disk by calling 800 - 654 - JUNO ( there is an $8.82 one time fee for mail delivery ), or download it for free at the Juno Web site

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