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Internet Country Codes

Top Level Domains (i.e. country codes)

The current, up to date, TLD list Top Level Domains (i.e. country codes) provides the name of the recognized sponsoring organization is established by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) which also handles IP block number assignments.

2/00/03 The Internet got its own country code (87810), and announced plans to make Free World Dialup members accessible via the new code.

The new root name server managers

Be VERY careful of where you register your generic domain. If your registration company goes out of business (and this is a capital intensive business) Network Solutions is under NO -- repeat, NO -- obligation to you to maintain your domain registration. In fact, most likely, Network Solutions will sell your domain name out from underneath should that happen and should you not have it trademarked or otherwise legally protected.

IANA is one of the fundamental groups that determines how the Internet functions.
The domain registry system and its functioning are spelled out in RFC 1591

Internet standards historically have been set by an RFC, a Request For Comments. In the early days, when protocols were still being revised fairly frequently, system administrators, technical committees, or whoever would draft proposals. The final proposal would be published as a Request For Comments, which meant that the appropriate parties intended to then follow the specification outlined in the RFC. The RFC that determines the technical formatting of email, for example, is RFC 822.

IANA does a couple of other things, perhaps even more important than the DNS system is the IP assignment. If you know what an IP address is you might be interested in the ownership of the Class A assignment blocks

AD Andorra

AE United Arab Emirates

AF Afghanistan

AG Antigua and Barbuda

AI Anguilla

AL Albania

AM Armenia

AN Netherlands Antilles

AO Angola

AQ Antarctica

AR Argentina

AS American Samoa

AT Austria

AU Australia

AW Aruba

AZ Azerbaijan

BA Bosnia and Herzegovina

BB Barbados

BD Bangladesh

BE Belgium

BF Burkina Faso

BG Bulgaria

BH Bahrain

BI Burundi

BJ Benin

BM Bermuda

BN Brunei Darussalam

BO Bolivia

BR Brazil

BS Bahamas

BT Bhutan

BV Bouvet Island

BW Botswana

BY Belarus

BZ Belize

CA Canada

CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands

CF Central African Republic

CG Congo

CH Switzerland

CI Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

CK Cook Islands

CL Chile

CM Cameroon

CN China

CO Colombia

CR Costa Rica

CS Czechoslovakia (former)

CU Cuba

CV Cape Verde

CX Christmas Island

CY Cyprus

CZ Czech Republic

DE Germany

DJ Djibouti

DK Denmark

DM Dominica

DO Dominican Republic

DZ Algeria

EC Ecuador

EE Estonia

EG Egypt

EH Western Sahara

ER Eritrea

ES Spain

ET Ethiopia

FI Finland

FJ Fiji

FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

FM Micronesia

FO Faroe Islands

FR France

FX France, Metropolitan

GA Gabon

GB Great Britain (UK)

GD Grenada

GE Georgia

GF French Guiana

GH Ghana

GI Gibraltar

GL Greenland

GM Gambia

GN Guinea

GP Guadeloupe

GQ Equatorial Guinea

GR Greece

GS S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls.

GT Guatemala

GU Guam

GW Guinea-Bissau

GY Guyana

HK Hong Kong

HM Heard and McDonald Islands

HN Honduras

HR Croatia (Hrvatska)

HT Haiti

HU Hungary

ID Indonesia

IE Ireland

IL Israel

IN India

IO British Indian Ocean Territory

IQ Iraq

IR Iran

IS Iceland

IT Italy

JM Jamaica

JO Jordan

JP Japan

KE Kenya

KG Kyrgyzstan

KH Cambodia

KI Kiribati

KM Comoros

KN Saint Kitts and Nevis

KP Korea (North)

KR Korea (South)

KW Kuwait

KY Cayman Islands

KZ Kazakhstan

LA Laos

LB Lebanon

LC Saint Lucia

LI Liechtenstein

LK Sri Lanka

LR Liberia

LS Lesotho

LT Lithuania

LU Luxembourg

LV Latvia

LY Libya

MA Morocco

MC Monaco

MD Moldova

MG Madagascar

MH Marshall Islands

MK Macedonia

ML Mali

MM Myanmar

MN Mongolia

MO Macau

MP Northern Mariana Islands

MQ Martinique

MR Mauritania

MS Montserrat

MT Malta

MU Mauritius

MV Maldives

MW Malawi

MX Mexico

MY Malaysia

MZ Mozambique

NA Namibia

NC New Caledonia

NE Niger

NF Norfolk Island

NG Nigeria

NI Nicaragua

NL Netherlands

NO Norway

NP Nepal

NR Nauru

NT Neutral Zone

NU Niue

NZ New Zealand (Aotearoa)

OM Oman

PA Panama

PE Peru

PF French Polynesia

PG Papua New Guinea

PH Philippines

PK Pakistan

PL Poland

PM St. Pierre and Miquelon

PN Pitcairn

PR Puerto Rico

PT Portugal

PW Palau

PY Paraguay

QA Qatar

RE Reunion

RO Romania

RU Russian Federation

RW Rwanda

SA Saudi Arabia

Sb Solomon Islands

SC Seychelles

SD Sudan

SE Sweden

SG Singapore

SH St. Helena

SI Slovenia

SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands

SK Slovak Republic

SL Sierra Leone

SM San Marino

SN Senegal

SO Somalia

SR Suriname

ST Sao Tome and Principe

SU USSR (former)

SV El Salvador

SY Syria

SZ Swaziland

TC Turks and Caicos Islands

TD Chad

TF French Southern Territories

TG Togo

TH Thailand

TJ Tajikistan

TK Tokelau

TM Turkmenistan

TN Tunisia

TO Tonga

TP East Timor

TR Turkey

TT Trinidad and Tobago

TV Tuvalu

TW Taiwan

TZ Tanzania

UA Ukraine

UG Uganda

UK United Kingdom

UM US Minor Outlying Islands

US United States

UY Uruguay

UZ Uzbekistan

VA Vatican City State (Holy See)

VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

VE Venezuela

VG Virgin Islands (British)

VI Virgin Islands (U.S.)

VN Viet Nam

VU Vanuatu

WF Wallis and Futuna Islands

WS Samoa

YE Yemen

YT Mayotte

YU Yugoslavia

ZA South Africa

ZM Zambia

ZR Zaire

ZW Zimbabwe

COM US Commercial

EDU US Educational

GOV US Government

INT International

MIL US Military

NET Network

ORG Non-Profit Organization

ARPA Old style Arpanet

NATO Nato field