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Etymology of "Hooch" goes back to Alaska of 1867. There the Hoochinoo Indians made a liquor dubbed "hoochinoo" or "hoch" by American soldiers sent there when Alaska was sold to the U.S. by Russia.

Many Lenses is a joint initiative from three Smithsonian museums: Collectively, this interdisciplinary unit raises important questions for any social studies or history classroom: What stories are revealed because of who is speaking? What meanings are ascribed because of who is writing?
To create this installment, curators from each museum selected objects from their collections. Each curator then asked experts from the other two institutions to provide interpretations about each object.
The team created four stories that focus on different aspects of American History. One story about Buffalo Soldiers, tells about the all-black U.S. army regiments who served during the late nineteenth century and their relationships with Native Americans and the U.S. government.
Another story investigates the history and cultural significance of quilting in a number of American communities, including the Lakota community and the African American community. Three museums wwere involved: the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the National Museum of American History.

AMERICAN INDIAN FILM GALLERY has reached a milestone: its 400th film is now online. The AIFG website offers access to educational movies about native peoples residing from the Arctic Circle to the southern tip of Chile.


American Indian Film Gallery

Native Village Fabulous resource for everyone.

Cradelboard Project by Buffy Sainte-Marie
Delivering a lot of the Project online including testing, student handouts, teacher lesson plans etc.

Native Geometry you'll find a collection of resources for writers in Alaska, from conferences to local critique groups to literary magazines. If you live in Alaska, these are some organizations you might want to check out.

How do you say "hi" in Alutiiq? What is the origin of the word Kodiak? Kodiak Island, Alaska First Known Use: 1899

Alaska Native Curriculum and Teacher Development Project involves educators across the state who develop and publish online Native curriculum and resources.

Omaha Indian Tribe Music includes The American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress just added songs of Omaha Indians from the 1890s to their website; 44 recordings made by Francis La Flesche and Alice Cunningham Fletcher between 1895 and 1897, as well as recordings made by staff of the American Folklife Center at the 1983 Omaha harvest celebration pow-wow and the 1985 Hethu'shka Society Concert held at the Library of Congress.These were recorded between 1895 and 1897. There are wax cylinder recordings from the 1890s that are still viable. Also included with this collection are interviews with members of the Omaha tribe that provide background information about the songs performed, fieldnotes and tape logs made by Center staff during the 1983 pow-wow, and photographs and related publicity materials from the various performances. Collection Finder

Omaha Indian Music - American Memory Library of Congress

Spirit of White Earth, a six-part story of the people of White Earth -- and the legacy of one remarkable woman, Winnie Jourdain, grandmother of the reservation. Designed both for the general public and for classroom use. It uses text, photos, the spoken word, music, video and interactive graphics to bring the sights and sounds of Ojibwe (Chippewa) culture into the home or classroom.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida has a children's educational packet and LOTS of great legends and songs.