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First Nation - American Indians Originally Came from China.

Learn about the culture and history of China.

From China / Mongolia / Siberia / Alaska / Canada / United States



By way of an introduction, we have China, a country whose culture dates back 4,200 to 5,000 years ago. And we know that in paleolithic times Asian people began traveling out of Mongolia into Russia, crossing over to Alaska, then Canada, on down into America. Asian People become First Nation People.

China has 56 Ethnic Tribes (Atayal tribe, one of Taiwan's 14 native ethnic groups,)
and America has 562 First Nation tribal entities recognized and eligible for funding and services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs by virtue of their status as Indian tribes re: Section 104 of the Act of November 2, 1994 (Pub. L. 103-454; 108 Stat. 4791, 4792. These tribes guard their, territories, languages, songs, history, and stories. The tribes protect their culture and don't want to assimilate, which makes governance a real problem.

First Nation People didn't want to be conqured by Europeans and have their land stolen away, but they were pushed off their land, offered deals, contracts, promises, and apologies from the U.S. government. An apology for the government's deceipt, never giving the money owed to First Nation people.

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Who Is Smarter China or the USA

Education in China vs USA
Irony: First Nation people lost their land and their rights but after all the years of thievery, deregulation and corporate corruption by the original industrialists that once profited from their piracy, America experiences the Wall Street crash and the tax payer is forced by a corrupt US government to bail out Bankers. Captains of Industry needed money, and they got it. Yes, imagine that, Congress authorized money in only ten days!

As a result, America owes China a lot of money.
The Treasury Department estimates that American debt to China is approximately $889 billion as of 2010.. That is more than $10,000 in debt for the average American working family. Asian People who became First Nation People actually own America. What goes around, comes around.

China's communist rulers are now the world's most powerful and wealthy political party, but China is just a cell phone swarm away from revolution in certain regions.

7/1/2010 Math, reading gap among Native American students
"The fact that our American Indian and Alaska Native students have not made any progress since 2005 is alarming and cause for major concern," said Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee. The American Indians' scores were similar to those of black and Hispanic students.


Even if Communist China Controls all media 24/7

China's newspaper circulation surpassed 50 billion, rising 13.9 percent year on year and continuing to rank first in the world. 25 mainland dailies stood among the top 100 dailies in the world in 2010.


Chinese President Hu Jintao meets with Fox News Owner Rupert Murdock.
“The Chinese discovered that Rupert was a real emperor who controlled everything himself.” Murdock established a contract to help design a Web site for CCTV, the giant official Chinese TV network that Time magazine called "the key propaganda arm of the Communist Party."

Rupert Murdock friend of the Koch Brothers
also helped launch the Web site of the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, The People's Daily. He helped the communists develop a television encryption system, which will doubtless prove useful in suppressing dissent in the future. His Chinese version of MySpace obeys all communist censorship laws, even including a built-in link for reporting "inappropriate information" to the authorities. And to smooth the skids on his new ventures, he signed employment contracts with the son of the national propaganda chief and the leadership committee of the Communist Youth League.
Oh, and he also does business with the communist nation of Cuba, which harbors one of the many tax havens where he has hidden cash to avoid American tax laws. This powerful American friend of communists is, of course, Rupert Murdoch — the man who signs Glenn Beck's paychecks.
“His courtship has made him the Chinese leadership's favorite foreign media baron. He has dined with former President Jiang Zemin in the Zhongnanhai leadership compound in Beijing and repeatedly met other members of the ruling Politburo in Beijing, New York and London. Television channels affiliated with Mr. Murdoch beam more programming into China than any other foreign media group.”

2010 MBA Alert - Doing Business in China: -
Rupert Murdoch gives up. He will sell a controlling stake in three Chinese TV stations and a movie library to China Media Capital, a $732 million private equity fund that was formed in 2009 with investments from the Shanghai Media Group and the China Development Bank. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]


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