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25 years later -- A reunion
with former student Ms. Jackie Allen
and Karen Ellis aka "Gran Teacha"

Ms. Jackie Allen Ms. Jackie Allen
Ms. Ellis and Former Student Ms. Allan in St. Croix U.S.V.I
Ms. Jackie Allen and Karen Ellis 1/2001

Jackie was a student that I photographed the most. You can find Ms. Jackie Allen's picture when she was 8 years old, showing me the complicated body movements in Domino. She worked very hard on this project and told me that it was a major sacrifice to come in from the playground at lunch to teach me what she knew. And I will be forever grateful to Jackie and all the children who unselfishly taught me everything they could, foregoing their recess time!!

If children can be motivated to give up recess to teach the teacher you can believe how popular this project was!

When I flew into St. Croix this past January of 2001 I accidentally recognized a former student, Mr. Michael Osborne, on my plane who I hadn't seen in 25 years. It was Mr. Michael Osborne that told me that another student Ms. Jackie Allen was working at the hotel that I would be staying in.

Upon my hotel arrival I requested that the desk clerks keep my identity a secret and arrange a surprise meeting. A few days later it happened.

Jackie instantly recognized me! and started crying, I started crying, the desk folks started crying. Imagine how sweet it all was :-)

Now Jackie has her own school age children which is why she now calls me "Grand Teacher", it makes me feel how much time has gone by since I lived on St. Croix.

After we all got over the shock of it, her story came tumbling out which I'll keep private, but she did tell me that it was from how much she loved the experience in my room that motivated her to want to become a teacher. Jackie has graduated college with her Elementary degree and plans to run her own day care center one day.

A teacher can't ask for more :-)

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Former Students at Ricardo Richards aka Strawberry School

All my former genius students who taught me in

1977 - 1978

Carmen J. Ayala
Luz Minerva Ayala
Brian Alexander
Sharon Benjamen
Esther Bradshaw
Carmen Cepeda
Sandro Cirillio
Elvis Edwards
Jose Garcia
Sherwin Gilead
George Hawley
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Pricilla Fatal
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Emerito Martinez

Edgardo Ojeda
Michael Osborne
Dwayne Van Putten
Michelle Richardo
Edrick Rollocks
Orlando Rosa
Sean Sherwood
Linda Stapleton
Wynton Taylor
Martin Torres

Principal Ms. Marla Matthews
# of students: 600+
# of teachers: 67
classroom computers: 10
media center computers: 1
computer lab computers: 29
Internet points: 16 in 2 labs
Technology team: yes
Technology plan: school

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