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Alaska First Nation Thanksgiving

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By way of an introduction, we have China, a country whose culture dates back 4,200 to 5,000 years ago. And we know that in paleolithic times Asian people began traveling out of Mongolia into Russia, crossing over to Alaska, then Canada, on down into America. Asian People become First Nation People.

China has 56 Ethnic Tribes (Atayal tribe, one of Taiwan's 14 native ethnic groups,) and America has 562 First Nation tribal entities recognized and eligible for funding and services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs by virtue of their status as Indian tribes re: Section 104 of the Act of November 2, 1994 (Pub. L. 103-454; 108 Stat. 4791, 4792. These tribes guard their, territories, languages, songs, history, and stories. The tribes protect their culture and don't want to assimilate, which makes governance a real problem.

Birch Bark was also used to make clothes
The letter -- a report from a historical society that had sought interpretation from Ojibwe medicine men -- said the scrolls depicted ceremonial songs "concerning the most fundamental laws and needs of the [Ojibwe] people." 42 birch bark scrolls inscribed with symbols and pictures were more than 200 years old, and all originated "at Nett Lake on the Bois Forte Reservation." Traditionally, memory-aiding symbols and pictures were inscribed on birch bark to preserve the stories and songs, because the Ojibwe had no written language. The society has a reputation for strict secrecy, no doubt reinforced when it was outlawed for almost 100 years and was driven underground. Many of the original birch bark scrolls were destroyed by missionaries who saw the Midewiwin as an obstacle to Christianizing the Ojibwe.

At some point the European invader came and took what they wanted from the indigenous people who first lived in America. First Nation People didn't want to be conqured and have their land stolen away, but they were pushed off their land, offered deals, contracts, promises, and apologies from the U.S. government. An apology for the government's deceipt, never giving the money owed to First Nation people.

Then Wall Street crashed. Seems after all the years of thievery, deregulation and corporate corruption by the original industrialists that once profited from their piracy, (by taking the land away from the First Nation people) asks the US government for a bailout. Wall Street needed money, | FINANCIAL LITERACY |and they got it. Yes, Congress authorized the money in only ten days, imagine that!

Now, America owes China a lot of money. The Treasury Department estimates that American debt to China is approximately $889 billion. That is more than $10,000 in debt for the average American working family. Asian People become First Nation People and now the Chinese own America. What goes around, comes around.

China's communist rulers are now the world's most powerful and wealthy political party, but China is just a cell phone swarm away from revolution in certain regions, with a Nobel Peace Prize to a jailed Chinese activist.

. . no worries

“Therefore I say: Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant of your enemy and of yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.” ~ Sun Tzu

And Even if Communist China controls all media 24/7 360 people can read!
China's newspaper circulation surpassed 50 billion, rising 13.9 percent year on year and continuing to rank first in the world. 25 mainland dailies stood among the top 100 dailies in the world in 2010.
Chinese President Hu Jintao meets with Fox News Owner Rupert Murdock. “The Chinese discovered that Rupert was a real emperor who controlled everything himself.” [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

The U.S. And Its Long History With The 'Middle Kingdom' Americans, going back to the 1700s, have been convinced China would become more like us. Merchants thought so. Missionaries and diplomats thought so. Advocates of free trade, the rule of law and open internet thought so. But... it is not the result of a modern democratic society that so many Americans have wished for.
The First lie is that Franklin Deleno Roosevelt's grandfather was a very prominent China trader, when in fact he was an Opium Smuggler! That is where the profits came from that made the first great, rich families of the United States.

2010 Who is smarter . . . .kids in China or kids in the US ?

The China Story



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Most are from the Internet and permission for use granted from the source; 2) used with fair use" principal applied.


12/11/17 World's Largest Water Diversion Plan Won't Quench China's Thirst

10/20/17 U.S. indicts major Chinese traffickers for selling fentanyl online The U.S. Department of Justice has indicted two major Chinese drug traffickers on charges of making illegal versions of fentanyl and selling the highly addictive drug to Americans over the internet and through international mail.


1/27/18 U.S. CFTC to fine UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC for spoofing, manipulation: sources The U.S. derivatives regulator is set to announce it has fined European lenders UBS, HSBC and Deutsche Bank millions of dollars each for so-called "spoofing" and manipulation in the U.S. futures market, three people with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

3/17/18 Schweizer 'Secret Empires' Bombshell on Elaine Chao and Mitch McConnell's China Ties How McConnell and Chao used political power to make their family rich

All phones have spy backdoors these days. But if you live outside of China buy a phone from Huawei and use encrypted communication apps. That way it’s the Chinese spying on you and they don’t share your data with US / EU spy agencies

4/7/18 Anna Chennault: 'Steel butterfly' who charmed US and China Why the world has lost one of the most influential powerbrokers it had never heard of.

5/10/18 Chinese professor sacked after criticizing Mao online

5/10/18 Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t. Researchers can now send secret audio instructions undetectable to the human ear to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. the first papers on audio attacks, which he titled “Cocaine Noodles” because devices interpreted the phrase “cocaine noodles” as “O.K., Google.” Last year, researchers at Princeton University and China’s Zhejiang University demonstrated that voice-recognition systems could be activated by using frequencies inaudible to the human ear. The attack first muted the phone so the owner wouldn’t hear the system’s responses, either. Chinese and American researchers from China’s Academy of Sciences and other institutions, demonstrated they could control voice-activated devices with commands embedded in songs that can be broadcast over the radio or played on services like YouTube. Computers can be fooled into identifying an airplane as a cat just by changing a few pixels of a digital image, while researchers can make a self-driving car swerve or speed up simply by pasting small stickers on road signs and confusing the vehicle’s computer vision system. There is already a history of smart devices being exploited for commercial gains through spoken commands. There is no American law against broadcasting subliminal messages to humans, let alone machines.

7/5/18 When Rio Tinto Met China’s Iron Hand In 2010, four employees of the mining giant were jailed and accused of stealing commercial secrets. Today, the company is more reliant on China than ever. For eight years, Stern Hu rose every morning at 6 a.m. in Qingpu Prison near Shanghai. He and the dozen men who shared his cell would blearily pull on their blue-and-white-striped uniforms and line up in front of their bunks for the day’s first duty: greeting the guards. “Good morning, officer!” they’d shout.

7/6/18 At this Chinese school, Big Brother was watching students — and charting every smile or frown

8/13/18 "Class dismissed: Surge in arrests of foreign teachers in China

8/28/18 How Dissidents Are Using Shortwave Radio to Broadcast News Into China

10/31/18 A creepy video shows how China warns its citizens to behave or get punished by its nationwide social credit system “

12/4/18 Uncovering Chinese Espionage in the US A detailed look into how, why, and where Chinese spies are active in the United States.

12/18/18 How McKinsey Has Helped Raise the Stature of Authoritarian Governments

12/23/18 In Latin America, Big Brother China is watching you

12/23/18 Made in China: Economic Influence Operations Chinese state-controlled media outlets CGTN, China Daily, and Global Times used Facebook and Twitter ads to target American voters on #tradewar


4/20/19 Tiananmen Square protest death toll 'was 10,000' The figure for the pro-democracy killings in Beijing in 1989 comes from newly released UK cables.

5/12/19 The Chinese Communist Party Is Setting Up Cells at Universities Across America

6/4/19 US Universities And Retirees Are Funding The Technology Behind China’s Surveillance State

6/6/19 Stolen Secrets Saved FBI Investigators Thwarted Transfer of Trade Secrets to China

6/12/19 Top U.S. universities took funds from Chinese firm tied to Xinjiang security The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at least one other university have research partnerships with a Chinese artificial intelligence company that has business ties with police in China's Xinjiang region, where a sweeping crackdown on Uighurs has drawn international..

6/25/19 US Universities And Retirees Are Funding The Technology Behind China’s Surveillance State

7/3/19 China Snares Tourists’ Phones in Surveillance Dragnet by Adding Secret App

7/6/19 Engineer faces 219 years in prison for smuggling US military chips to China

7/14/19 How U.S. Tech Giants Are Helping to Build China’s Surveillance State Stolen Secrets Saved

7/16/19 China’s Central Bank Developing Own Digital Currency in Response to Libra The best comment on Libra today came from Gensler: Libra’s rehypothecation of backing assets makes it an investment pool and the Libra Foundation an investment manager.

7/21/19 What are click farms? An shadowy internet industry is booming in China

8/4/19 Millions in Crypto Is Crossing the Russia-China Border Daily. There, Tether Is King

9/3/19 Today is the first day back to school, and #antiELAb class boycott is underway. In the school Queen's College where the revolutionary forerunner Sun Yat-sen studied, high students now helped him gear up with gas mask and goggles, echoing China's 1911 Revolution.#HongKongProtests

9/4/19 China’s Crypto Competitor Is Being Built in a Secret Office with Restricted Access The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is charging full speed ahead with its digital currency plans, hoping to beat Facebook’s Libra to market.

9/12/19 China Is Overtaking the U.S. in Scientific Research Chinese Researchers Are Outperforming Americans in Science Beijing’s long-term efforts to promote academic scholarship are paying off.

9/4/19 "There is this company in China named SenseNets. They make artificial intelligence-based security software systems for face recognition, crowd analysis, and personal verification. And their business IP and millions of records of people tracking data is fully accessible to anyone.T his database contains over 2.565.724 records of people with personal information like ID card number (issue & expire date, sex, nation, address, birthday, passphoto, employer and which locations with trackers they have passed in the last 24 hours which is about 6.680.348 records - All and and

9/9/19 "Hundreds of shoppers spontaneously assembled at a mall atrium and broke into song. They sang “Glory to Hong Kong,” an ersatz national anthem (coz we aren’t a national and haven’t the right to an anthem). People ask what Communist China is most afraid of—the answer is right here.

9/16/19 China misroutes domestic US Internet traffic through China Telecom - Why do we allow chinese points of presence(POPS) inside the US when they won’t allow US to have any in china? We need to throw their POPS out of our COLO facilities ASAP. #liecheatsteal

9/20/19 China and its cryptocurrency: this will be a global game changer

10/3/19 China's New Cybersecurity Program: NO Place to Hide

10/15/19 Starting December 1st, China's new MLPS 2.0 cybersecurity laws will require submission of a facial scan to receive internet access

11/25/19 Data leak reveals how China 'brainwashes' Uighurs in prison camps

11/25/19 Exposed: China’s Operating Manuals for Mass Internment and Arrest by Algorithm - ICIJ

12/14/19 China tells government offices to remove all foreign computer equipment': … Directive is likely to be a blow to US multinational companies like HP, Dell and Microsoft.

12/21/19 Operation Wocao : Shining a light on one of China’s hidden hacking groups

12/22/19 Spies - China seeks volunteers to help ensure ‘safety’ of citizens in Canada

12/24/19 China's blockchain love-in continues with pilot expansion

5/31/19 US Universities And Retirees Are Funding The Technology Behind China’s Surveillance State


THE CORONA VIRUS - COVID-19 Huanan Wet Market in Wuhan, China Ground 0

Jun 2, 2016 The slaughter of African elephants and rhinos has focused world attention on wildlife crime: many endangered species are being hunted to near-extinction. Illegal wildlife trade is now the fourth largest global illegal trade behind illicit drugs, guns and human trafficking, valued at $15 – 20 billion annually.

Chinese Barbarian Practices
Ironic how the Year of the Rat begins with a plague.
#CCPChina #CCP once again once again brings pain and suffering to the world with the great #KUNGFLU #ChinaCoronaVirus

2020 New Years Eve -- Why new diseases keep appearing in China -- it all come from Chinese poaching wild animals

  1. Influenza comes from Birds and Pigs
  2. SARS CHINESE WILDLIFE POACHERS eat Masked palm civet cats (also known in the US as SKUN KS) are sold in wetmarkets linked to the SARS outbreak in 2002, a popular delicacy in Guangdong.served at banquets.
  3. HIV chimps
  4. EBOLA bats
  5. COVID-19 bats to pangolan to human

Woman eating bat. influencer eating bat soup.

Wild Laws: China and Its Role in Illicit Wildlife Trade Picture your typical farm: Pigs, cows, chickens, goats…and tigers? This may sound far-fetched, but many iconic wild animals – including tigers, bears, and rhinos – are now farmed en masse in China.
“China’s farming of wild animals such as tigers, bears, and, more recently, rhinos, has not provided any conservation benefit to these species,” said Allan Thornton, president of the nonprofit Environmental Investigative Agency (EIA). Wild products are regarded as superior to farm-raised, and the legal market simply makes it easier to launder poached animal products.

JANUARY 2020 CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY government temporarily suspended the buying and selling of wild-animal products, which are commonly used for food, fur and in traditional medicines in China. But the emergency measure will be lifted once the outbreak ends. Next Monday, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the country’s highest decision-making body, will meet to decide how the trade in wildlife products should be regulated in the long term. They will never stop. China’s coronavirus battle may be ending but its war on eating wild animals has just begun. China is a major destination for trafficked animals. Eradicating the notorious and superstitious habits of eating exotic animals for health or status and the practice of harvesting animal parts for medicinal use is deeply ingrained in Chinese culture and history for thousands of years and worth US$18 billion, employing more than 6 million people in 2016. The supply chain was legal until the latest permanent ban in December 2019 which will get lifted and does not include the vast size of the black market.

1/6/2020 "There is this company in China named SenseNets. They make artificial intelligence-based security software systems for face recognition, crowd analysis, and personal verification. And their business IP and millions of records of people tracking data is fully accessible to anyone.SenseNets, a Chinese firm that offers facial recognition and crowd analysis technology and which has been working with China's police force,

1/9/2020 What is the Hainan Xiandun Technology Development Company?

1/11/2020 China’s state digital currency nearly ready, says central bank

1/12/2020 The Moral Hazard of Dealing With China - At what point does the price of engagement with China become too high? I explore this question by tracing Schwarzman College's relationship to the Chinese Communist Party, particularly the United Front--which, I discovered, helps select future Scholars: This database contains over 2.565.724 records of people with personal information like ID card number (issue & expire date, sex, nation, address, birthday, passphoto, employer and which locations with trackers they have passed in the last 24 hours which is about 6.680.348 records The database is now "protected" with a firewall rule. Although the suspicion is that all traffic from outside China is blocked for this service. At least the data is not to access the data anymore for outlanders.

1/16/2020 Why are Chinese fishermen finding so many 'submarine spies'? Fisherman are catching foreign "spy drones" – giving us a rare insight into covert sea surveillance.

1/28/2020 A University of Minnesota student has been arrested in China and sentenced to 6 months in prison for tweets he posted while he was based in the United States. The freshman had posted images on Twitter that satirized Chinese President Xi Jinping.

2/6/2020 Coronavirus whistleblower doctor is online hero in China

2/10/2020 Dulles CBP Intercepts Dead Birds in Passenger Baggage from China | U.S. Customs and Border Protection

2/21/20 China set to clamp down permanently on wildlife trade in wake of coronavirus Wild-animal markets are the suspected origin of the current outbreak and the 2002 SARS outbreak.

2/24/2020 Currently, the FBI has more than 1,000 open investigations into Chinese intellectual property theft.

  • A Harvard-affiliated Chinese cancer researcher was arrested in December with a vial of 21 cells stolen from a Boston hospital laboratory.
  • In August, a Chinese professor at the University of Kansas was charged with concealing his ties to a Chinese university so he could continue to collect U.S. tax dollars for his research.
  • A Chinese scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles, was convicted in June of shipping banned missile technology to his home country.
  • A Chinese student at Illinois Institute of Technology was charged last year with recruiting spies for his country’s intelligence agency.

2/28/2020 The lockdown one month in Wuhan

2/20/2020 FBI Arrests Raytheon Engineer for Taking Laptop With Top-Secret U.S. Missile Defense Secrets to China

2/29/2020 "On the Question of Chinese Espionage" in Brown University's Journal of World Affairs.

3/2/2020 China’s new law on online content

3/3/2020 US charges and sanctions Lazarus Group's Chinese crypto launderers Two Chinese citizens face United States federal charges for laundering over US$100 million in stolen crypto currency, The two are 33-year-old Li Jiadong of Anshan in Liaoning province and 34-year-old Tian Yinyin of Nanjing, Jiangsu. Along with the the Department of Justice charges, they have been named and designated by the United States Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control for laundering crypto-currency believed to be stolen from exchanges by the North Korean government controlled Lazarus Group.
Chinese Foreign Minister Geng Shuang accused the United States of being the world’s worst sponsor of cybercrimes. U.S. criminal court filings against Chinese cyber-espionage operations, notably including the massive Equifax hack of 2017.

3/5/2020 China first-quarter economic hit from coronavirus looking more severe: