Bullies tend to choose unpopular kids so they can keep their status while not losing the affection of the in-group.

EVERYBODY feels like an outsider! Imagine that, instead of feeling inferior you should be comfortable that you're one of the tribe, that you're human, that we're all flawed and equal to boot.

The number one thing people want in a relationship is ATTENTION! That's not hard to give. Or is it? Makes sense if you think about it, if we're all outsiders, we want at least one person, our significant other, to get us.

You know that you feel superior when you are a member of a private club.

Teen Creates App So Bullied Kids Never Have To Eat Alone Listen· 3:14

app SIT WITH US Well, I felt that if I was thriving in a new school but didn't do anything about the people who feel like this every single day, then I'm just as bad as the people who watched me eat alone. I felt like, with my story, it was my job to stand up and do something about all the kids who feel like this every day. And I wanted to create something that would address bullying, but in a positive way.

So you get this idea for an app, and how did you want it to work?

The way that it works is it's a free lunch-planning app where kids can find lunch tables if they feel like they have nowhere to go. Pretty much, kids can sign up as ambassadors for a Sit With Us club and agree to post open lunches so that anyone who has the app and has nowhere to go can find a table and, hopefully, make some new friends. Now, it seems like the kind of kid who would do that would be the kind of person you could walk up to and say, "Hey, can I sit with you?" So why have an app? Why not the low-tech version, which is just ask to sit down?

SAFE SCHOOLS: Learn how to stop Bullies in your school.

Many of the Hate songs being sung by "folk groups" at "folk music events" show the Intersection between Cultural Identity and Racist Ideology.


What Is Cyberbullying?
It comes into our homes in e-mail messages, chat rooms, Web pages and phone text messages. It takes many forms

YouTube videos show cyber bullying is on the rise.
Understanding Pack Mentality in Bullying School Bullies and Safe Schools
Just remember . . . "If I Were King Of the Forest"




It's a punishment with many names: cool down rooms, time out rooms, even scream rooms.
PDF: Department of Education summary of seclusion and restraint statutes, regulations, policies and guidance
They're essentially boxes where rowdy kids are sent to calm down. But do they even work? And is this a punishment that some schools are using a little too much?
Video - Six sites in the U.S. do not have any rules or laws about restraints used in K12 schools.


Bullies and those being bullied are more likely to be experiencing family violence at home, report issued by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and prepared together with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has found...

15 Minute Writing Excercise Closing the Gender Gap and Break the “stereotype threat” Cycle.
Think about the things that are important to you. Perhaps you care about creativity, family relationships, your career, or having a sense of humour. Pick two or three of these values and write a few sentences about why they are important to you. You have fifteen minutes. It could change your life.
This simple writing exercise may not seem like anything ground-breaking, but its effects speak for themselves. In a university physics class, Akira Miyake from the University of Colorado used it to close the gap between male and female performance. In the university's physics course, men typically do better than women but Miyake's study shows that this has nothing to do with innate ability. With nothing but his fifteen-minute exercise, performed twice at the beginning of the year, he virtually abolished the gender divide and allowed the female physicists to challenge their male peers.
The exercise is designed to affirm a person's values, boosting their sense of self-worth and integrity, and reinforcing their belief in themselves. For people who suffer from negative stereotypes, this can make all the difference between success and failure.
Geoffrey Cohen (who Miyake works with) to turn the fortunes of black students in American high schools. They too face the problem of stereotype threat. In 2007, Cohen showed that his writing drill boosted the grades of black students, who still benefited even two years later. The gap between them and their white classmates narrowed and their grade point averages increased, particularly among the weakest students.

Telling Stories Excercise - Counteract the poison of self-hate.

Children of Strangers The Stories of a Black Family Kathryn L. Morgan
"...a conceptually sensitive melding of history and anthropology, and a fine example of what folklore—done well—can look like." Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography
Collecting her family's own stories and photographs, Kathryn Morgan has brought to life the attempts of five generations of black women to cope with the fears, angers, and anxieties of life in a hostile white society. Compiled in three parts—the Caddy Legends, childhood reminiscences, and Maggie's memories of "color" and "race"—these tales are written in the southern, black oral tradition, and were told and re-told as emotional buffers against an inherently inhuman situation. According to the author, "family folklore was the antidote used by our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents to help us counteract the poison of self-hate engendered by racism."