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Driving traffic to your web site is a key to its being an effective tool for your business.
What businesses are really looking for is a marketing strategy.

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Social media is a tool it isn't a strategy.

What businesses are really looking for is a marketing strategy, and tips on effective persuasive communication, to use on social networks. Blogs, Facebook and Twitter won't help if you can't effectively communicate on these social channels.

Companies need:

  1. +great business strategy
  2. +great marketing strategy
  3. +understanding best practices for social tools to reaching company goals.

People with marketing education / experience, know how to help businesses operate online which is totally different from what regular people do with their friends online.

Social Marketing Strategies

Social Marketing Strategies always interact with offline marketing campaigns and offline activities that don't become marketing until you create content about them online.

A great social marketing strategy has three components:

  1. It begins with how to reach the top goals of the business
  2. It leverages multiple offline and online channels, and
  3. It builds a community for the brand based on ongoing and ever-deepening relationships with customers.

If you think you want help with social media for your business then look for people and companies with great marketing experience like the Educatioanl CyberPlayGround, Inc. who effectively use social media daily themselves. This way you get the benefit of our marketing expertise in how to best communicate to people through social tools.

Optimized Press Release

Creating an effective optimized release requires an understanding of public relations writing and the ability to enhance it with SEO-specific keywords. Optimization techniques include adding technical elements to your website and seasoning the copy with keywords. Including photos and other graphical elements not only creates interest but also grows traffic when using captions and naming pictures in a keyword-friendly convention. In addition, add keywords to anchor text links.

A Catalogue of Social Media (and Related) Tools Alan Rosenblatt on February 7, 2012
Since 1993, Alan Rosenblatt has been at the cutting edge of digital politics. A frequent speaker and author on digital and social media, advocacy and politics, Alan is currently the associate director for online advocacy at the Center for American Progress, where he directs its social media and advocacy program and has pioneered social advocacy strategy for issue campaigns.

Your Business needs in 2006 didn't even include youtube or other social media.