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Driving traffic to your web site is a key to its being an effective tool for your business.
Do you have an Online and Print advertising budget?

2012 Search engine optimization (SEO)
Establish Credibility : Produce Quality Content Not Just Relevant Content.

Google may be able to find relevant content, but "relevant" (on-topic) and "quality" (worth consuming) are seldom the same thing.
It's the job of the search engine to optimize its performance -- not yours.
Google now measures any attempt at raising the rank of a web page as the work of a spammer -- no matter the quality of the content -- and it will penalize the site.
Any attempt to modify the rank of a web page, after it's been ranked, could spell disaster for the site owner. A little known Google patent called Ranking Documents details what Google is looking at. Here is the explanation: "Google appears to have gotten bored of maintaining any pretense, and the battle lines have been informally redrawn. If you're a webmaster doing anything at all that might be considered an effort to improve rank, then you're a "spammer".

Look at the language on the patent:

The systems and methods may also observe spammers' reactions to rank changes caused by the rank transition function to identify documents that are actively being manipulated. This assists in the identification of rank-modifying spammers.

“Manipulated”? “Rank modifying spammers”? So, a spammer is someone who attempts to modify their rank? There may well be a lot of very clever people at Google, but they do not appear to be clever enough to come up with a model that encourages webmasters to compete with each other in terms of information quality.

Search Algorithms with Google Director of Research Peter Norvig

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Optimized Press Release

Creating an effective optimized release requires an understanding of public relations writing and the ability to enhance it with SEO-specific keywords. Optimization techniques include adding technical elements to your website and seasoning the copy with keywords. Including photos and other graphical elements not only creates interest but also grows traffic when using captions and naming pictures in a keyword-friendly convention. In addition, add keywords to anchor text links.