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Compare prices for Orff Instruments

What to do with Talented Musical Classroom Teachers who want to use the Orff Instruments without the "music teacher" around.

How to Use the instrumentarium

1. Make sure they read this page
2. know how much the instruments cost
3. Know the rules of how to take care of them
4. Will tell the children what the rules are.

Recorder owned by ECP RingLeader Cordley Coit.

Orff Recorder

"Orff redesigned the recorder to get rid of the English cross fingering used on traditional recorder design. He changed how music was taught. His redesigned recorder did not catch on but his music teaching did." Cordley Coit.

Replacement Tubing
go to our hospital supply store in town and get their oxygen tubing for replacement tubing for glocks, xylophones & marimba. It's very cheap and lasts longer than the black tubing from the manufacturers-sounds just as good too.

This document is a Chart which compares the costs of every instrument for every major brand PDF
Rhythm Band, Suzuki, Sonor, Primary Line (Sonor),Studio 49, and Bergerault. [not current price list]

An Actual Order

We purchased Bergerault from and highly recommend them! As you'll see, we doubled on altos. A word about Peripole-Bergerault......the instruments are fantastic! The xylophones are outstanding in quality. They have a lifetime warranty. ~ annonymous

xylophones, I have really liked Studio 49 with rosewood bars. I've heard good things about Peripoles but have never myself had them. I've also had some of the
older Sonor xylophones with rosewood bars and have been pleased with them. ~ Laura Bartolomeo

I also love Studio 49; their sound is so beautiful. ~Denise Phillips

Peripole is excellent. I have (personally) one of the new composite alto xylophones. I love the tone. It sounds just like rosewood.Also Peripole's pins are surgical steel thus unbreakable. ~ Patricia Albritton

I have a mixture of Peripole rosewood xylos, metallophones and glocks and then a few Sonor palisano xylophones. I love them all. The people at Peripole are fabulous, and you'll get the best customer service from them. Plus, their instruments are priced nicely and are very durable and sound nice. ~ Jennifer Schroeder

Used a regular vacuum cleaner. Have a student take off the bars, and just go along and suck out all the dust with the tube attachment on the vacuum. If you wipe things down with a damp cloth you will end up only smearing the dirt around. You can also turn the box upside down, and blow it out but remember to wear a mask over your mouth and nose, so you don't breath it in.

Use furniture polish - It doesn't take much. Rub it in with a soft careful not to get slivers in your hand!..... and give them time to "cure," ie to absorb the oil. It will clean and nourish the wood. It's perfect. I usually do it in June at pack-up time, and wrap in unprinted newsprint for the summer.