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Finale Notepad - free download and on the PBS site



Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) in music

Richard Robinson's Tunebook
Downloadable printed folk melodies from Europe
Free on-line ear training exercises

Free online lessons on jazz and music theory

Music Fonts

Editing toys like Cakewalk and Cool Edit Pro can make even a modest professional studio a place where great music is captured. It is the easiest path to bring your recording within the range of commercial quality.

Mr. Dunn's Online Classroom recommendations

What is Music Fingerprinting?
"A digital music identification system that can search through 17 million songs in under 1 second has been launched in the US. MusicIP, based in California, US, announced last week that it had received a US patent for its method of automatically identifying, or 'fingerprinting,' digital music files. The company already offers software that analyses the music collection on a computer, identifies it, and makes recommendations. But now it will offer its music identification feature for other companies to include in their products." MusicIP offers several free tools including the MusicIP Mixer (free) application and this web-based database.