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Chemistry Resources For The Secondary Education

Find Music to Teach Science Songs and Interdisciplinary Science Resources Interdisciplinary K12 Science. Use music to teach science

Adam Equipment
Adam Equipment is a global supplier of electronic weighing equipment predominantly designed for the laboratory, medical, educational and light industrial markets.

Antec, Inc.
Antec, Inc. was formed in 1969 by chemists to furnish individuals, schools, companies, and laboratories with chemicals, equipment (new and used), glassware and supplies. "We sell any amount of any chemical in any grade to industry, to schools, and to individuals."

Arbor Scientific
Arbor Scientific offers a unique selection of innovative science education products. Their chemistry-related products include teaching toys, software, demonstration materials, and lab supplies.

Brevis, among other biological items, has a unique product line which emphasizes handwashing training, education and motivation products, and is called Glitterbug.

Cambridge Educational
Cambridge Educational has a comprehensive selection of supplemental learning materials, including a large selection of videos, CD-ROMs, posters, and books available for chemistry.

Carolina Biological Supply Company
Carolina Biological Supply Company serves science and math educators. They do have chemistry supplies, and the site contains information about their catalogs, as well as an online order feature.

CLEARVUE/eav claims to be "the most complete source for curriculum-oriented media." They do have a large selection of videos, videodiscs, CD-ROMs, posters, and books available for chemistry.

DiscoverySchool Teacher Store
Discovery Channel School's Teacher Store sells unique products. They have fantastic videos (which are aired on the Discovery Channel) plus CD-ROMs, resource books (for students and teachers), and internet guides.

Edmund Scientifics
Edmund Scientifics is a supplier of science products, including chemistry items.

Educational Innovations, Inc.
Educational Innovations was created as a service for teachers and workshop presenters. Their goal is "to serve as an inexpensive source of innovative hands-on activities, captivating demonstrations, hard to find supplies, and other super! wow! neat! science materials" which are teacher developed and student tested. You can browse their latest online catalog.

Educational Video Network
Educational Video Network has been in the business of producing educational media since 1953. They make educational videos for junior highs, high schools and universities, and have several chemistry titles.

PRS, which stands for Personal Response System, is educational technology for active learning in the classroom. It literally means Privately Responding or Selecting. The Personal Response System (PRS) allows your students to "vote" on multiple choice questions that you present, and then projects a computer screen with a chart of the results as soon as the voting is complete. Students register their votes with a small "sender" that looks like a TV remote control. Voting can be anonymous, to ask sensitive questions or to poll the class to see if they understand a concept, or each vote can be associated with an individual student, allowing teachers to track an individual's progress. With quizzes, students' responses are captured in a spreadsheet for grading, but the correct answer can be reviewed with the class as soon as all votes are in.

Film Ideas, Inc.
Film Ideas, Inc. distributes and produces educational videos, CDs, and DVDs. Their catalog includes several chemistry titles.

Films for the Humanities & Sciences
Films for the Humanities & Sciences provides educators with video, videodisc, and CD programs. Their catalog includes a large list of chemistry titles available for purchase or rental.

Fisher Science Education
Fisher Science Education is a Fisher Scientific Company. This site contains a customer service section, a science calendar full of important facts and dates in science history, a collection of teacher tips for use in the classroom, a listing of new products in their catalog, and an online "virtual catalog."

Flinn Scientific
The Flinn Scientific web site. In addition to product information, this very nice web site provides teaching ideas, lab safety information, lab design tips, and more.

Frey Scientific
The Frey Scientific web site. In addition to product information, this web site provides lesson plans, project ideas, science forums, and more.

Grateful Dyes, Inc.
Grateful Dyes sells Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dyes and Generic Reactive Dyes, excellent dyes to use for tie dyeing. Their prices are great, and service is speedy! They sell all the chemicals needed to do a tie dye lab activity during a chapter on covalent bonding. You can purchase the chemicals and dyes separately or in kits.

Hawkhill Associates
Hawkhill Associates produces "live-action" science videos. Their catalog includes several chemistry videos.

Indigo Instruments
Indigo Instruments is a supplier of science/educational equipment, including glassware, chemistry software, and molecular models.

J. Weston Walch, Publisher
J. Weston Walch offers a wide selection of reproducible books, activity texts, posters, and more! "Many of our teaching materials are especially effective for interdisciplinary instruction, cooperative learning, multicultural education, and inclusive classrooms."

Lab-Aids produces single-concept kits for many science disciplines, including chemistry. These hands-on activities require little prep time, create minimal lab waste, and are easy to clean up.

Library Video Company
"Library Video Company is the leading distributor of educational video, CD-ROM, audiobook and DVD to schools and public libraries nationwide."

Magic Glo Inc.
Magic Glo is a distributor of glow in the dark novelty, safety and industrial products which can be used for wonderful demonstrations in chemistry.

The NASCO web site.

Ohaus manufactures weighing instruments for educational, scientific and industrial use.

Omniglow manufactures chemiluminescent glowing products which can be used for wonderful demonstrations in chemistry. They provide a brief description of chemiluminescence.

The PASCO web site.

Precision Weighing Balances
A supplier of balances and scales offering multiple product lines at "deep discount prices."

Rob Orr
Rob Orr "offers innovative and exciting periodic tables of the elements suitable for any high school science class." (They even offer a periodic table for biology classes!) Their periodic tables are currently available from many of the larger, more common supply companies.

S17 Science Supplies and Services
S17 Science Supplies and Services has a rather unique catalog of products. "We try to supply only those items that you may have difficulty in obtaining elsewhere." You can download their catalog as Adobe Acrobat PDF files or request a printed version from their website.

Sargent-Welch is the K-14 education division of VWR Scientific Products. They are a distributor of science education supplies and equipment to US and Canadian educational institutions.

Schoolmasters Science
"Schoolmasters Science is a provider of science equipment and supplies for the school and home." You can browse their latest online catalog.

Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories
Science Kit is a supplier of science materials and equipment to science teachers throughout the United States.

Science Songwriters' Association
The SSA was formed in 1999 for the purpose of promoting science through song. Most of their members are musicians who write songs about science and/or science teachers who use music in their classrooms. Some of the material is chemistry related, particularly that composed by Lynda J. Jones or Michael Offutt.

Science Stuff
Science Stuff is a supplier of science...uh...stuff of all kinds for schools, students, and science teachers.

"The Science Education for Public Understanding Program (SEPUP) produces elementary and secondary school science materials that highlight the science behind today's social and environmental issues and problems. All the programs produced to date are activity-centered...." SEPUP materials correlate to the National Science Education Standards.

Shrinky Dinks
Shrinky Dinks are those "magical" shrinkable plastics. If you didn't grow up playing with these toys, you absolutely must check them out! They make a wonderful lab activity for a general topic of plastics and/or polymers.

Soybean Science Kit
The soybean science kit is "a complete science lab." It includes "everything necessary for 30 students to participate in 21 hands-on experiments and exercises (with the exception of a very few readily available household materials), including two new biotechnology lessons." It even comes with an interactive DVD-ROM. All lessons are aligned to the National Science Education Standards.

Teacher's Video Company
Teacher's Video Company sells educational videos. Associated with them is the Teacher's Poster Company with a nice selection of contemporary looking posters. They have a separate science catalog for their science videos and also for their science posters.

Textbook Publishers
This page provides a list of links to publishers of chemistry textbooks and the resource sites they have established in support of their textbooks.

Theta Technologies
Theta Technologies is a supplier of microchemistry laboratory activities.

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