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U.S.A Learns is Best Sites For K-12 Beginning English Language Learners and is tied for number one on The Best Sites For K-12 Intermediate English Language Learners list.

The Best Ways For Students To Create Online Animations:
Dvolver Moviemaker. It's so easy, no registration is required, and it can be done quickly.

The Life Cycle of a Mineral Deposit-A Teacher's Guide for Hands-On Mineral Education Activities [pdf]
What's a mineral deposit? How is it formed? These and many other questions are answered between the pages of this useful and informative teacher's guide dealing with the life cycle of a mineral deposit. This 40-page guide was written by Dave Frank, John Galloway, and Ken Assmus and published first in 2005. Created under the auspices and direction of the US Geological Survey, the guide covers topics like the use of mineral resources in everyday life, and how minerals are mined. Within the guide, teachers can also make use of ten different activity-based learning exercises that can be used to educate students on basic geologic concepts and the processes of finding and identifying resources from any given mineral deposit. The guide is rounded out by the inclusion of an appendix of key terms. Read online, download, or print Get the Teacher's Guide now. (40 pages; 4.2 MB PDF file) For questions about the content of this report, contact Dave Frank

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