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Apple Desktops

Apple Desktops vs. Windows Desktops Harriton High School in Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania Used Apple Laptop Webcams To SPY On Students At Home

A LITTLE HISTORY OF THE NET "The Internet is a way for all the things that call themselves networks to coexist and work together. It's an inter-network. Literally. What makes the Net inter is the fact that it's just a protocol — the Internet Protocol, to be exact. A protocol is an agreement about how things work together."

[SOURCE] THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET STARTING WITH COMPUTERS THE COMMERCIAL INTERNET Richard Stallman was talking up his "copyleft" idea, which he called "a mirror image" of copyright. Stallman points out how Net culture has strayed far from its early days of open software to closed, proprietary systems like Microsoft Windows and suggests the Linux operating system as a free alternative.

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